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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2010
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in my opinion there is the pros and the cons i went to ecuador to get my nose done, and my big mistake was i didn't do any research. so he gave me a micheal jackson nose it was pushed up like a pignose. so it was horrific. certified i didn't check. he was new and hadn't operated much on noses more on breast implants and butt implants. it is important also to check the dr speciality i learned thehard wasy so someone told me of this other doctor dr bracho. it was such a difference i went to his office i saw his certificates on the wall and it was definately a professional consultation he didcomputer images, and showed me exactly what was going to be done, and explained it won't be 100% like the computer imagebut very close to it. i did my second surgery with him and i was more than happyi wish i had done my research and gone to him first. if anyone has any tips on research of how to find out in south america if there board certified or feed back please let me know. im going back toecuador. Another con is if they mess up it is important to ask if they will redue it, in case god forbid an infection that rarely happens some may not. make sure you get info or something signed whatwill they do or promise if somthing does go wrong will they refund you do it over? i saw in bolivia that they promise or guarantee to fix if there is a problem. in the US your more protected. i woulddefinately do it oversees if i positively know and do in DEPTH RESEARCH if hes board certified ? does he go the meetings held?testimonials? listed in magazines or news as top plastic surgeons, anylawsuits pending not sure how to check that oversees i know in us you can. etc on top you save half than the the price of US sometimes even little more than half i have been comparing prices. in southamerica and mexico is pretty cheap too. argentina i didn't find that cheap for their prices i would rather do it in US. i found cheaper so far in ecuador,peru and peru. colombia and venezuela similiar...
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