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  • Publicado : 14 de noviembre de 2011
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I will huff and puff and tear down the house! . Are brothers trying to protect us from evil.
Decided to build houses made ​​of straw and wood. Also used toprotect the environment from
the very nature materials. After all, Every one wants to have a home.

To start, both pigs their decided to build houses of strawand sticks because they were
can be soft and built more easily. Then it made ​​more comfortable because they did not have
enough money to buil a housestonger. The brothers piglets were told that if built of straw and
wood are going to be much cheaper. Also they wanted to they do not take long to build the
house.Surely would protect nature by using materials that come from it.

To continue the pigs to be aware of what is happening today and in the environment day,wanted to protect it and make no further damage. To build their house of straw and wood
would help to not pollute, are ecological housing. Where are the housesinside lists we see a
more healthy and comfortable environment because these materials absorb and expel moisture.
These materials also can be constructedhousehold items. Therefor if all homes built how are
you we could admire the beauty of nature much better.

In summary the building houses of straw and wood is oflittle we care for our planet, plus it is
cheaper and easier to build. In the future, with houses so we could breathe fresh clean air. This
would be importantfor people to read it because in is that it is better to build houses in these
materials. After all the desicion taken by the pigs was a very good decision.
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