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  • Publicado : 30 de agosto de 2012
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Voting is the chance to make ourselves heard.

The presidential elections in Chile are close and the vote is the only way in which we can make our voice heard. It is a simple method,democratic, voluntary and very necessary for the organization of our country.

One of the most symbolic milestones in which we realized that voting is the way to note our opinion; it was for the plebisciteof 5th October, 1988. Chile already had 15 years of military rule, and popular discontent led to this referendum. The results showed that of 7.251.933 voters, 55.99% voted in favor of NO, whichtriumphed over 44.01% of voters in favor of military government.

The projects’ approval is also based in votes. For example, one of the most prominent has been the controversial "Hidroaysen", which wasapproved by 11 votes in favor and 1 against, in the city of Coyhaique, by the Environmental Review Commission on May 10th, 2011.

The Presidential elections are the perfect occasion to make use ofthe vote. Now with the approval of the law of the automatic registration and voluntary voting, it estimates the incorporation of more than 4.7 million new voters, involving the registration of thosecitizens over 17 years. This Act will be a great incentive for young people and their interest in political issues, since, according to a survey conducted by the INE for 65% of young people are notenrolled in the Electoral Register.

On the other hand, the vote does not always ensure that your choice will be chosen, even if it is the most convenient or the best according to your way of thinking.This is because our country is democratic and also the vote. Therefore, the majority is the one who decides.

Clearly to be heard, you must vote. When you go out protesting for a reason, you need tohave something that shows your responsibility as citizens of a country and thus, you would have every entitlement to speak out if something does not seem you right. Otherwise, it is totally...