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How do you react when you are angry or upset? What steps do you take?
Sometimes I get angry or upset. In this case, I know that it is not a good idea to yell at the people around me or say badthings to them. I have a way of dealing with my anger, without yelling or saying bad things. This way of dealing with anger has two steps.
The first step in dealing with anger is to spend time alone. Thefirst reason I spend time alone is that it is good for me to get away from the other people when I am angry because I do not want to say bad things to them or yell at them. In addition, when I amalone, I can spend time thinking quietly.
I have a second step that follow when I am angry or upset. It is not enough just to spend time alone. I also must have something delicious to eat. I like tohave something delicious and sweet, something like ice cream. It is impossible to feel angry and upset when I am eating ice cream.

The teacher assigns a paper and says that you can either write thepaper by yourself or with other students. Do you prefer to write the paper alone or with others? Why?
If I can choose if I want to work alone or with partners I prefer to work alone. I think it isbetter to me because I distract very easy and have some mistakes.
I would work alone because working alone I can concentrate more and pay more attention, It is very difficult to me pay attention if Iam on a group because I distract very easy and I begin to talk with my friend and do not work on anything. Working alone I can be concentrated on my work and do the things better because I do not talkwith anybody.
Other reason is that if I am working on a group and somebody do something wrong I get very angry but if I am working alone and I have mistakes or do something wrong It is only myfault and are my points so I have to do it better if I want to have better grades.
I really like more work alone because I can concentrate more and if I do something wrong is only my fault and I have...
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