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Article, Report and Review

CAREER: Profesorado de Ingles para la Educación General Básica y la Educación Polimodal

SUBJECT: Language 1

TEACHERS: Adriana Higuera – Marisa Pardo

GROUP : Gimenez Moreno GustavoYEAR : 1º

COHORT: 2010

DATE : July 29 th 2011

Living Through a wire or changing the ways of living?

“ On the future we will no Longer search for products and services; they will find us through social networks”

“ Do you have facebook?, can I add you as a friend?”; “I create myself a twitter account “, “ so tonight at 9: 00 pm, we could chat using Skype”; “ why do I have to read abook if I can look for a resume on internet???”, “ I enjoy using youtube to see some videos”

Do you know that you are not cool if you don`t have a facebook or a twitter account?, now you feel out of time, don`t you?. Facebook that starts as the idea of a university student exclusively to meet people inside the university, nowadays became in one of the most common reasons to access internetfor millons of people all around the world; it has opened a whole new world about meeting people and even perhaps having a relationship`; even twitter makes people closer now that some sportman`s or women, musicians and actors and even politicians have their own accounts and that they are known, you could known their activities and maybe feel a little closer to them.Recent investigations show that: social networks has summon porno as the first activitie on internet, on th US. One of every 8 couples that get married on the last 3 years have meet each other in a social network, on Spain 78% of the web users uses a social network and 98% of them are between fifteen and twenty years old, if you can imagine facebook for example as a country ( obviously by the number of users) it would had100.000.000 of people, it would be the 4º biggest country between U.S. and Indonesia Maybe social networks put people closer, but in some how I believe that not everyone but we are alienating from eache others, and frome the world, I m not against social networks, actually I enjoy them, but I guess that they have took the emotion in some people, to meeting each others, taking a walk.
The best thingabout is technology has join the world to make people closer; information cross the wolrd in maybe a minute; you could find brothers, old school friends ( I actually had the opportunitie to find a few), relatives, maybe the love of your life with a social network, I personally have to confess that facebook makes me feel close to some friends that I have known during the years, I spend a lot oftime using my facebook, and that`s a mistake, because I could be doing a lot of more important things.
so I promise you to change my use of the web if you promise me never forget that there`s a life out there, ok?

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ISFD expand the academic offer, English for childrens, newteachers training courses Portuguese and French

The ISFD has decided to expand the academic offer by adding new subjects to the teacher training course, in order to expand our degree, and adding new carrers, as teachers of Portuguese and French.
The aim of this report is to see the benefits that this two new opptions could offer to future students of the I.S.F.D

Expanding our degree byadding certain subjects.

In order to the expasion of the academic offer, I must point out, first of all that the most important benefit if this expansion is approved; first of all the fact that there is neither in the province nor in Patagonia an English Teaching Career where you don`t have to pay, for teaching in primary school, and when the new points of the Educational Law that extend...
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