Estado sucre

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Sucre state

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Tourism in the sucre state.

Sucre is one of the 23 states of Venezuela,located in the Northeast region of the country, bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea, south by the states of Anzoategui and Monagas, on the east by the Gulf of Paria and the west by the Gulf ofCariaco, the state is composed of 15 municipalities divided into 54 parishes. It was named after Venezuelan Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre.

The main tourist areas are Mochima NationalPark with various Caribbean seascapes, beaches large and small islands in its entirety, several species of birds, fish, mollusks and other animals. The Araya Peninsula is one of several salient locationswith a desert landscape, similar to the nearby Isla de Margarita
Sucre State belong to the following islands Mochima protected National Park:

* Islands Caracas: Caracas East, Caracas West* The Venados island
* Arapo island
* Larga island
* Redonda island
* Santa Ana island

It would be safe to say that the state of Sucre has the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela,but some beaches of Aragua and Falcon can compete with those of the eastern states. It is also necessary to add to this the friendliness of its people and the amount of festivities throughout the yearsuch as Carnival in Carupano, folk festivals and Mare-Mare, the drums of San Juan, and so on.
National Parks also state, are worth visiting, like Mochima, the Paria Peninsula and the Turuépano. InCumana, you should visit the churches of St. Agnes Cathedral, the birthplace of Marshal Sucre and remembered poet, author of Black Angels, Andrés Eloy Blanco., Museums and colonial streets, parks...