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Choose the correct answer

1.- Juan Carlos is ______ friendly as Jorge
A) Better B) more C) as D) most

2.- Who is the _______ student in the class?
A) good B) bestc) more D) better

3.-Puebla is _______ than Veracruz
A) Cold B) more colder C)most colder D) colder

Mexico City is _____________ than Tlaxcala City
A) most dangerous B)dangerous C) more dangerous D) dangeousest

5.- Pablo is not as __________ as Luis
A) lovely B) more lovely C) most lovely D) lovelier

6.- Ray is the ________ computerprogrammer
A)bad B) baldest C) worse D) worst

7.- The elephant is _______ than the kangaroo
A) big B) bigger C) more big D) most biggest

8.- Madrid is not as __________as thanLondon
A) polluted B) more polluted C) most polluted D)polluter

9.- Daniel is _________than Pedro
A)shorter B)short C)shortest D)more shorter

10.- The Amazonas is the___________river in the world
A) longer B)longest C) most longest D) more longer
Complete with the correct answer

Was he ________ yesterday? ___ you listening music?A) cook A) were
B) Cooked B) was
C) cookingC) do
D) cooks D) did

Was he _______ the dishes ? were we _______ in the parik?

A) wash
B) washesA) running
C) washing B) run
D) washed c) runsD) ran

Complete the next sentences (present tense)

Laura ____________ ( wash ) to her dog./ She ___________(break ) a...
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