Lasallian meaning

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  • Publicado : 5 de febrero de 2011
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Why I Want to Share My Story

My name is Sandro Ochoa-Lubinoff; I am an international student from Peru, a poor country in South America. Three years ago, I was living in my country. I hadstudied in two different Universities in Peru but I had never completed my degree, even when my parents gave me many opportunities. Instead of pursuing a higher education, the prospect of earning fastmoney lured me and I started a small textile business, which was initially very successful. I loved doing business: I liked the freedom to develop my own ideas and to creatively fulfill the needs ofdifferent kinds of people. Unfortunately, Peru’s unstable economic climate posed challenges to my business that, with my lack of preparation, I was not able to overcome. My life project as anentrepreneur was gone.

I collected the small capital from my failed business venture and made the decision of coming to the U.S. with my wife and four-year-old son to start a new life. I figuredout that I had to complete my education and fundaments in order to become a successful entrepreneur. There were many roadblocks and bumps along the way during this journey. While trying to live inthis country, without any experience with the language or culture, I promised myself that this time I would not quit and was going to complete this important step in my life. I would do this not just forme, but for my wife and son, who are my engine and motivation.

When I first came to Lewis University, I did not know much about its Lasallian values. Diversity, solidarity, and fidelitywere abstract concepts that had not touched me in a direct way. However, being part of Lewis University has changed my life forever, not only for the invaluable knowledge that I obtained, but for the waythe Lasallian brothers embraced me as a community member. My financial situation and continuance in Lewis University were uncertain at some point. Luckily for me, I met Brother James who is an...
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