Etica para amador

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In the Conquest

The first references to the locker room for women in America are those contained in the journals of Christopher Columbus. They say that women, in what was billed as shameful and immoral, they went naked, painted the face and body were adorned with animal items such as feathers, bones, scales, teeth and shells. Apparently, were also used for these purposes, polished stones orgold.

  He also said that the Indian who inhabited the coasts wore dresses that covered them completely as a defense against the plagues of mosquitoes and, at any time, to cover his nakedness.

As the twentieth century

A new way of dressing, characterized by large linen coats and hats, scarves knotted with bulky, take the environment as a necessity to resist the trip in the car thathas become popular at the time: the convertible Ford T The rise of manufacturing Dresses on measures of two pieces of linen and cotton for the newspaper, tailors poplin transparent to opaque and organza evening suits and high-necked silk for the evening, is the interest by the foot to the floor only to end of the decade will see a small part of the most sophisticated ankle wraps were those of MadamePaquin.


In the first decade, women are removed from the corset and long skirt drop and take a curved shape without producing the trend leans towards the tailors tissue layer style jackets and lightweight suits armhole sleeve, cap, collar with clamps and little or no waist size. Night-barrel figure usually sleeveless, with large panels and accounts of the talus and emphasis on a lowwaist line and a broadband esmoking strip style. And for the day wear dresses of rayon or natural fibers such as linen, wool, silk and cotton in neutral shades of purple, brown and blue. Fashion to go to the famous tea dance at the Hotel Regina is knee length skirt for day and night and then at the end of the decade, until the mid-calf.


The clothes are making lighter and free to favor thenatural shapes and accompanied by thin shoulder length wavy hair imports are reduced as one of the ultimate consequences of depression and require the use of cotton and wool production in developing national dresses the waist in place and long chains on the neck and wrists, purses fake quilted and camellias in the lapel. Colors are muted at the beginning of the decade but, little by little, becomemore active and take over the trend until the prints come with abstract geometric patterns or fabrics with narrow wave


The most common designs are the suits and skirts and tailored to emphasize the hips. Also displayed the opening in the skirt, asymmetrical cuts, curved neckline, elongated hats. Bonnet brand fashion ... high crown, curved lines and floral motifs. Young women, in aspirit of informality, first use a sports clothes made up shirts and pants with huge stockings, ankle bracelets, boots and skirts woven.


Rage a skirt made of many yards of cloth and accompanied by a tight belt. The accompanying short-sleeved shirts and diamond-shaped sleeves, long sleeve sweater with buttons and lights and other wool skirt, pleated close to the knee or slightly above.Casual clothing moves between solid and neutral colors with floral prints. For the night wore dresses heart-shaped opaque strapless elongated or natural silk or nylon on the dress, trimmed with tulle, velvet blankets and ties. Brocades, satins and taffeta in natural and synthetic textures. Brocaded flowers in solid tones and classic, with effects that appear superimposed on chiffon. The peacock blueand hot pink become, next to the gray flannel, in the favorite colors of the time. Skirts and hold scarves handmade drawings, applications, sequins and bright.


The clothes start to rise above the knee and the hair is used above the shoulders or ponytails, at that time, involving a dare. High fashion, threatened with extinction by the arrival of ready-to place, is maintained even with...
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