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SM56 Software Modems
Quick Start User's Guide


Contents 1
1 Introduction 1
2 Preparing the Computer for Installation 3
3 Installing the Modem Hardware 3
4 Installing the Modem on Windows 98SE, Millennium, Windows 2000 and Windows XP 4
5 Verifying Correct Installation 4
6 Troubleshooting 6
7 Un-installing and Upgrading 10
8 Changing the Operating System 11
9Improving DirectX Speakerphone Performance and Quality 11
10 Contact Information 12
Appendix A: SM56 Main Features 12

1 Introduction

Motorola's SM56 modems are available for use on PCI, AC-Link (including CNR and MDC), and HDAudio platforms for PC's. The SM56 modem is a feature-rich, 56K modem at an attractive price. It supports all fax and data fall back modes,and different driver installs including telephone answering machine (TAM) operation and full speakerphone functionality. This document details installation, troubleshooting, and usage of the SM56 software modem.

The SM56 modems provide high-speed communications between your personal computer and a remote location, such as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), so you can:

0. Use your computerto have Internet access at up to 56 Kbps using V.90 or K56Flex data modes.
1. Use your computer to send and receive faxes, at up to 14.4 Kbps
2. Use your computer as a telephone answering machine (Not available on Data/Fax modems).
3. Use your computer as a speakerphone, to place and receive voice calls (Not available on Data/Fax modems).

The SM56 modems supports the following OperatingSystems based on the form factor

|Product Type |Operating Systems |
|PCI |Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000 and Windows XP |
|CNR and MDC (AC-Link) |Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000and Windows XP |
|High Definition Audio (HDA) |Windows 2000 and Windows XP |

Note: The modem cannot be used in pure DOS.
Note: Windows 98SE, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000/XP require different installation modem packages. The modem package for one OS might not work on the other OS. Make sure you have the correctmodem installation package before installing.

Computer OEMs that bundle the SM56 modem can benefit from sizable cost reductions, hardware reduction, and lower power consumption. End users benefit from quick, easy and affordable software upgrades, which help them keep current with the latest communications technology.

Important: There are different SM56 modem categories, and each supports adifferent basic feature-set, as follows:
|Product Names |Modem Types |Features |
|Motorola SM56 modem |Data/Fax only |• All data and fax modes |
| ||• No telephone answering machine (TAM) |
| | |• No caller ID |
| | |• No distinctive ring |
|| |• No speakerphone |
|Motorola SM56 Voice Modem |Data/Fax/TAM |• All data and fax modes |
| | |•...
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