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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2011
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Adding components to object> processor and process
% Processor Time: % Processor Time is the percentage of time that theprocessor is executing a non-Idle thread. This counter displays the average percentage of busy time observed during the sample interval. It is calculated by monitoring the time the service was inactive,and then subtracting that value from 100%.

Processor % Processor Time
Process %Processor Time
Process Handle Count - The number of objects towhich the process currently has handles.
Process 10 Write Bytes/sec - Describes the bytes written to the Pop3 mail process.
Process PageFaull /sec - Describe the pages faulted per secondProcess Private bytes - Current number of bytes this process has allocated that cannot be shared with other processes.
Process Thread count - Describe the number of threads that the process usedfor Pop3 email service.
Process Working set Describes the group of commands used for the application, in this case to send mails.

The following graphic is the users who were used tomail server

In the following chart within 2 hours after the recording stopped

In the next graph we see that add counters to read on the monitor

Process %Processor Time pop3Process Handle Count

ML ----(1.8-1)/2 Es igual a 05 NO ML

Process io Write Bytes/sec

ML ----(0.3-0.2)/2 Es igual a 0.05 NO ML

Process PageFaults /sec

ML ----(0.4-0.2)/2 Es iguala 0.1
Process Private bytes

ML ----(10-10)/2 Es igual a 0

Process Thread count

ML ----(7-7)/2 Es igual a 0 HIGH PERFORMANCE
Process Working set

ML ----(10-10)/2 Esigual a 0 HIGH PERFORMANCE

1. Concepts generals of each counter

% Processor Time: Records the percentage of time the processor is running non-idle threads. If your server has multiple processors,...
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