Everyday use

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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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Self-Esteem isn’t it

It can be familiar for a person to enter someone’s house and notice their children are completely different, usually because one outstands more than the other kid, or simplybecause one is more responsible, brighter, or better-look than the other. Actually this happens so often that even the person could notice a preference over one of the kids. And this could determinethe other’s kid character for his/her unroll in life. Well, this is a theme treated in the book from Alice Walker: “Everyday Use”, a story about two girls, Dee and Maggie, who unrolled themselvesdifferently in life, even though they come from the same family.

Dee and Maggie, unrolled themselves differently in life because of their appearance, which gave them security and self-steem. Dee was abeautiful girl, she had a light-skin-color for being an afro-American, a nice hair, and she was thin with a full figure. Dee, developed as a determined, and self-secure girl. Maggie, on the other hand,had a dark-colored skin, not a so-nice-hair, and even though she had a thin figure, she felt always ashamed for the burn scars she had down her arms and legs. Maggie, as a result, was very shy; shewas one of those people who walk: “chin on chest, eyes on ground, and feet in shuffle”.

Being kids Dee and Maggie experienced an incident that determined their characters: When they were children,the house where those ladies grew in, burned down. Both lived the tragic episode differently: Dee, hated the house, she watched the burning episode under a tree, with such a concentration it even lookedshe felt happy. Different from Dee, Maggie couldn’t watch the episode with her serenity and stillness. Maggie was attached to her mom, with her dress burning down and her smoked hair. After thatexperience Maggie became that shy and introvert lady who grown feeling envy for her sister, Dee.

But appearance and the lived incident wasn’t it. Another fact that interfered in Maggie’s self-steem...
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