Evolution music

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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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The music, if it is not the greatest, is one of the most important and primitive feeling on the history of mankind, in fact that being present since it started, when the man created music form sticksand rocks and now with complex and big instruments, and for some, life would not be life without music, and as we all know there is people who live from it.

Musicians that music pays them everymeal, just like a leather ball pays it to a soccer player. Since the 20 century started the music business grew stronger all around the world and especially in countries like United States,England, Spain, Argentina, India and Italy, and the people all around the world start changing his vision about music.

Not just at the business level but in the religious, the music has been important, as yousee in the oldest continents and in specially the black one, Africa, as it is used for natives groups that used it to predict the future or luck, and for curse some people or village, and all kinds ofrituals, interesting right?

The years that this evolution start gaining power, we called it the music revolution, that took place in the decades of 60's to 90's, making some people changed theirbelieves and thoughts about life himself, it was like the push to open up their minds.

Also the music it is usually considered like an escape to problems, like drugs and sport do, as the music wasgaining force and evolving, the human been show it too, of course not always with responsibility and most of the time this theme relate to the sex and the drugs, and because of that a famous saying fromthe 60's: Sex, Drugs And Rock N' Roll.

Along the history this great musical revolution has left many glory for some, and many suffer for others, and specially their fans who since the begin of allof this musical process the knew that the stars appear, reached the top, an then like in an act of magic they fall.

In the press there was always a lot of controversy because they couldn't find...
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