Media evolution

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Assignment N °2
It is often expected that a master program achieves a number of academic goals, usually closely linked to theoretical content: that the students understand it, so they can later implement it on their professional life.
To me, it was very interesting that this program accomplished much more than that, not only because we had an approach to theoretical knowledge (such as Porter's5 forces, or the evolution of media, for example), but I also learned the importance of analysis, research and communication methods, which have much more weight (and in some cases, more importance) than the information per se. The theory will always be available, but it is important to know the tools that enable the most effective way to approach to it.
These methods not only allow me to have adeeper analysis of the theory that was expected to be learned in this class, it also can help to study or analyze any other aspect in my profession.
Since my learning was diverse, I take the liberty of naming these in order to achieve a better assertion of my ideas in this essay:
1 - How has the media evolved and how have these changes impacted the markets.
Social Communicators are accustomedto hear about the progress that the media has experienced: that they have evolved in a way that they are now closer to people, that the content is becoming more personalized, as they attempt to work in accordance with each person’s information requirements, and above all, that the audience has the possibility to have direct and easy access to these channels of communication.
The above are changesseem very easy and simple to understand, however, these developments and their complexity are sometimes overlooked and thus lack the deeper analysis they require, for instance: What is currently happening on the Internet? What future perspective is there for mobile communication? What about television?, etc.
Regarding these questions, I previously had much more basic answers; however these werebased on weak data. Sometimes we evaluate a phenomenon based on how their effects are perceived superficially, however, one of the most important lessons I learned through this program was: learning to observe in a detailed and profound manner each of the phenomena that occurred through the distinct mediums of communication (Internet, radio, television, etc…), basing myself on data and reliablesources. In conclusion: prior to taking any business decisions that depend on the use of such information channels, these would require a thorough study process.
Another point I found very interesting, was the consideration of how these phenomena have a direct impact on different markets (audiovisual, music, news, etc..). On this, over the program, I realized that the paradigms of these markets havechanged radically after the great advances that have been in online video, music and games: more and more people are looking for shows, movies, songs and videos that they want to see on the Internet, because there they can find exactly what they want to watch.
Depending on the progress to occur in the field of media, the way people access to content also will vary. At the moments what comes tomy mind are conclusions of the presentations: music, videos, movies, will always exist, what will change is the way people access to them.
2 - The importance of the sources.
Another great lesson I had in this class is the fact that the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information but also misinformation. It all depends by how the tool is used.
Throughout the presentations, we had theopportunity to talk about online videos, the progress of mobile communication, we approached the issue of online gaming, in short, we had the opportunity to learn aspects and information from each of these worlds by using different sources that the Internet offers.
These exercises not only helped me to understand what I talked about in item number 1, they also allowed me to see the importance of...
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