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Grammar Test 1

I. Complete each sentence with the appropriate verb. Each sentence will make reference to the present passive simple tense.(4 pts.)
1. The building__________ (build) by the Grover Company.
2. The new doctors __________ (greet) by the older surgeons.
3. Every new mother in the maternity class __________ (test) onbirthing techniques.
4. They __________ (motivate) by leadership.

II. Complete the following sentences in past passive according to the verb tense indicated, by choosingeither a, b or c. (4pts)
1. They _______ taken to an indoor pool.
a)were b)are c)is
2. _______ onions used in the making of garlic sauce?
a) were b)are c)is3. Chili peppers _______ used in the making of pizza.
a)weren´t b)aren´t c)is
4. The patient _______ sedated before surgery.
a)was b)are c)is

III. Write asentence using the following indications and with the words for or since. (remember to apply the present perfect tense) (8 pts)
1. I/not see/that movie/ I/ was/ nine years old.________________________________________________________
2. I/work/two days/in a row.
3. She/ not be/to school/two years.
4. The doctor´s office/be/ out of business/ five years.________________________________________________________
IV. Complete the sentences below with the proper forms of let or be allowed to.
(4 pts)
1. My parents _______ me go to yesterday´s concert.
2. Can youtell me if you ___________ come with me on vacation.
3. What does your mom _______you do on Saturdays?
4. _________ you _______ stay up until midnight on school nights?
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