Examen de inglés intermedio

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1st SEMESTER 1st Partial

NAME: ________________________________________________ GROUP_________

TEACHER: TOTAL _________/_____=___________

I. Complete the sentences. Choose the correct answers, a, b or c. and write it on the line (10 points)

1.I___________________________ playing tennis.

a) always loved b) ’ve always loved c) ’ve always been loving

2. What___________________ to watch – the tennis or the football?

a) are you wanting b) have you wanted c) do you want

3. We____________________ in the park when it started to rain.

a) were walking b) walk c) had walked

4. Did you like the newCD_________________I bought you?

a) what b)that c) who

5. Jack__________________ his brother to enter the kick boxing competition.

a) suggested b) encouraged c) said

6. Paul is really positive,__________________ is something I admire
a) that b) what c) which

7. Many books______________________ about the power of positive thinking.

a) have been written b) were beingwritten c) were written

8. I realised I__________________ my homework as soon as I got to the bus stop.

a) forgot b) ’ve forgotten c) ’d forgotten

9. A lot of new houses__________________ on the outskirts of town this year.

a) had been built b) are being built c) are built

10. Mark,______________ brother lives in Australia, is a really nice guy.

a) whose b)which c) what

II. Complete the text. Use the correct form of the verbs.(16 points)
My younger brother ______________ (have) to go to hospital last week because he_____________________(break) his leg while playing football in a school match. He____________________ (take) to hospital and
when he_____________________ (arrive), he ___________________ (operate) on by one of the bestsurgeons in town– who just happens to be our father!
Of course, Matt _________________________ (have) a general anaesthetic which ____________________(put) him to sleep immediately. Although it _________________ (take) older people some time to recover from an operation,

he ___________________________ (feel) better pretty quickly because he’s young and fit. He said he____________________________(look after) very well by all the nurses and no doubt he enjoyed being the centre of attention!
Now, one week later, he_____________________________ (recover) at home. The doctors_________________________ (say) that he has to take it easy for the next few weeks, but I____________________________ (know) he ___________________________(start) to feel bored now. Football__________________________ (always/be) his life. While other children
_______________________________(play) with trains, he would be running around with a ball. Let’s hope he’s soon back on his feet.

III. Complete the sentences with the correct form of verbs connected with mind and brain. ( 10 points)

1. Well, what do you want to do? I wish you’d _________________your mind. You always take so long tomake decisions!

2. Let’s go to the cinema. A good comedy will help__________________ your mind off all your problems.

3. Please tell me what’s wrong. I can see you_______________________ something on your mind.

4. All Jana talks about is Ben! She really______________________ boys on the brain these days.

5. I want to organise a big party for Mum’s 50th birthday so Ineed to___________________________ your brain for some good ideas.

6. I like people who____________________________ their mind because you know where you are with them.

7. I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. It completely____________________ my mind.

8. What? Miss the party so I can study for the Maths test on Monday? ___________________you out of your mind?

9. David is...
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