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I.1.- Read the conversation. The underlined phrases are expressions. Decide wether each phrase is used to state an opinion,agree with someone else’s opinion, politely disagree, or avoid giving an opinion.

JOHN: Well, as far as I know, there’s no other way to find out what’s happening in the world today.
____ A. opinion ____ B. disagreement
____ C. agreement ____ D. not an opinion

STAN: You have a good point, but I think you get a much broader coverage of what’s going on by reading the newspaper.
____ A.not an opinion ____ B. disagreement
____ C. agreement ____ D. opinion

JOHN: Yes, but on the other hand, some of the newspapers are so biased you can’t believe what you read.
____ A. agreement ____ B. disagreement
____ C. opinion ____ D. not an opinion

STAN: I haven’t been keeping up on the news lately so I’m not really sure about that.
____ A. disagrement ____ B. not anopinion
____ C. agreement ____ D. opinion

JOHN: That’s just what I was going to say!
____ A. disagreement ____ B. opinion
____ C. not an opinion ____ D. agreement
Point value: 1 pointPartial value: 5 points

I.2.- Check the correct definiton of each word.
6. proof
A.something that is provable B.something that is evidence
C.something that has value D.something that is accurate

7. perseverance
A.persistent effort to achieve something B.great ability to endure something
C.easily able to succed at something D.of very good manners8.limitation
A.something that makes you wonder B.something that you don’t realize
C.something that keeps you from doing well D.something that comforts you

A.a feeling of wonder B.a feeling that anything is possible
C.feeling of surprise and inspiration D.feeling of desperation

A.recall B.understand
C.locate D.underestimatePoint value: 1 point
Partial value: 5 point

I.3.- Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks with the correct form of passive voice.
11.People say the only news that _____________ is bad news.
A.is reportedB.are reported
C.have been reported D.haven’t been reported

12.Tonight we have a story about a baby girl who ______________ by her pet cat Ginger.
A.will be saved B.were going to be saved
C.are saved D.has been saved

13.The 10-month-old girl was sleeping in the crib that _____________ thirty years ago.
A.has been make B.have been made
C.had been made D.havebeen make

14.The wood was so old that the legs broke and the girl ____________ under the crib.
A.is trapped B.was trapped
C.are trapped D.were traped

15.The girl ___________ when Ginger meowed until the mother woke up and picked up the baby.
A.saved B.is saved
C.was saved D.had been savedPoint value: 1 point
Partial value: 5 points


II. 1 – Listen to the beginning of a conversation. Use the information to choose the correct answers.

16. The purpose of this conversation is to _____________.
A. explain what melatonin is B. review last...