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Solar energy is energy produced in the Sun as a result of nuclear fusion reactions, comes to Earth through space in quanta of energy called photons, which interact with theatmosphere and land surface. The intensity of solar radiation at the outer edge of the atmosphere, considering that Earth is at its average distance from the sun, called solar constant, and their average valueis 1.37 × 106 erg/s/cm2 or about 2 cal/min/cm2. However, this amount is not constant, since it seems that varies by 0.2% over 30 years. The real energy intensity available in the earth's surface isless than the solar constant due to absorption and scattering of radiation that causes the interaction of photons with the atmosphere.

The Sun, source of life and origin of other forms of energythat man has used since the dawn of history, can meet all our needs, if we learn how to make a rational continually pours light on the planet. Has shone in the sky for about five billion years, and iscalculated has not yet reached even half of its existence

Solar energy is energy from the sun and is converted to useful energy by human beings, either to produce electricity or to heat something(like their main applications.)

Each year the sun gives 4000 times more energy than they consume, so their potential is practically unlimited.

The intensity of energy available at a given point onearth depends on the day of the year, hour and latitude. Furthermore, the amount of power that can be collected depends on the orientation of the receiving device.

Solar energy is renewable energyused worldwide, but still not a power available to people, is still very expensive. For prices to lower their production must be increased, so the responsibility we have to start using that in thenear future accessible to all people on this planet.
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Through history the human capacity to use new energy sources has defined the level of progress achieved by...
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