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My journey took place when I was 13 year-old in late 1994. For the most part of my trip I stayed in New York, recognized as the economic capital of the world, although I did visited other parts of the country including Florida and California. Between the time when I left Russia and the three weeks I spend in America I experienced and learn a lot about the American culture. My main focus will beon the particular aspects of American culture that I saw as relevant to me as a teenager at the time.
While I was on the trip the first place I visited was New York. It was like a dream come true because when I was little I always dreamed about visiting New York City. New York is a very large city and has a lot of exciting activities to do such as going to the theater, museums and aquariums and Iwas able to do all these activities. The first activity I was able to do while I was in New York was going to one of the most famous Broadway Shows called “The Lion King”. This was a new and amazing experience for me because I had never before been part of a spectacular event such as the “The Lion King”. There was another thing I was able to do when I visited New York, and it was going to thefamous “New York Aquarium”. As soon as I walked into the aquarium I was amazed because it seemed so unreal to me, I couldn’t believe that I was seeing many animals that I had only seeing in pictures or television before. I enjoyed the trip to the aquarium because I love animals. The last thing I did in New York was taking a tour to “The Statue of Liberty”. It was such a nice place to visit. Therewere people from all around the world, so I didn’t feel like a stranger. While I was there all I wanted to do was take pictures of all everything surrounding “The Statue of Liberty.”
After I visited New York for a couple of days my next stop or destination was Florida also known as the “Alligator State” because many alligators live there. Florida is well known for its great beaches which I was ableto visit. Some of the beaches I went to were; Bahia Honda Key State Park, Fort De Soto Park, and Sand Key Park which are consider being ones of the top 10 beaches in the United States. During my staying in Florida I also visited “Disney World” which is the world's largest and most visited recreational resort. I had a lot of fun there because I was able to visit the Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’sBlizzard Beach, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park which was my favorite.
Now it was time to visit the state of California also known as “The Golden State”. When I was in California I visited “Universal Studios Hollywood” located in the city of Los Angles. Universal Studios offered things such as; “Theme Park” and “Studio Tour”. I was able to do both of these things andit was really amazing to go behind the scenes of the legendary Studio Tour to explore where Hollywood movies are made. Also the theme park rides and shows were really spectacular.
Three weeks later it was time for me to go back to my home country Russian Federation. While I was in the taxicab heading to the airport I was anxious to get home because I wanted to see my friends, classmates androommates. Once I got to the airport I went through the security check point, they checked my documents and luggage then they send me to the gate where I was suppose to get board my plane. Half hour later a boarded the plane and we took off. During the flight I fell asleep because it was a 12 hours flight from California to Moscow. We stopped in Moscow to change planes and from there it took another 5hours of flying to get to my destination but finally we got there safe.

Two weeks after my trip to the United States I wrote a letter for my parents to thank them for everything they did for me during the three weeks I spend with them in America. A couple of days after I wrote to my parents I got a cute letter from them. I also remember that they sent me a box filled with goods. The box had...
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