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❖ Company: Tobacco of Perù S.A.C

❖ Members:

• Maria Sofia Rivas Chacaltana

• Jimmy Bueno

❖ Cycle: V

❖ Teacher: Betty Alvarez



I. Company Profile

1. Set up an Export Company:

1. Name:

“Tobacco of Perú”

2. Data (Address, telephone, E-Mail, Website):

Address: Psje Adan Mejia138 – Jesus Maria

Telephone: 4712934 – 995579016

Email: mahunna2009@hotmail.com

Website: www.mahunna.com

3. Logotype:


← The name Mahunna comes from the creativity of 4 boys who were inspired by their names initials.

2. Company Activities:

1. Describe the kind of company andhistory of the business

It is a company which is dedicated to the commercialization of cigarettes which their contents less quantity of nicotine; meant for women to 20-30

The cigarette processing company Tobacco of Peru S.A.C is the result of the efforts of a team of entrepreneurs looking to enter this competitive world through the creation of businesses by creating and deliveringa quality product and Mahunna at satisfying the needs of our target market.

2. Objectives

Competitive advantage depend on the quality of our people. People set strategy, make critical decisions, create business opportunities, manage and drive change. Aligning Training & Development to our corporate goals ensures Tobacco of Peru employees will always be the highest caliber.3. Mission

We are a marketing company of cigarettes of soursop in the market with alternatives of native of Peru. Our product is made by Peruvian craftsmen, following designs of present tendency, under standards of elaboration of first level

4. Vision

To lead the market for product of “Cigarette of Soursop” it is necessary to do it on innovating and responsibleway

5. Describe the commercial activities

Our called company Tobacco of Peru, conformed by four members will be dedicated to the elaboration of “Cigarettes of Soursop”, facts with the best quality of tobacco and native fruit of Peru

Our product presents/displays a variation to comparison of the other cigarettes since they are of artisan form and in addition taste to anative fruit of Peru.

We will focus our product on a market that presents/displays an ample demand in the heading of cigarettes.

6. Organization chart and description of the positions

Organization estructure


General Manager: Maria Sofia Rivas Chacaltana.

Work Area: General Management

Charge:• To plan and organize, manage, monitor, coordinate, analyze, calculate and outline guidelines for the company.

• To organize the team working ability and allocation of work.

• To make the main decisions in the company.

• Ability of reaching each of the employees.

• To have a sense of winner.


Production Manager: Jimmy buenoWork Area: Production Management


• To make permanent quality controls in the process of developing the product.

• To manage the logistics of supplies, raw materials, packaging, labels or other.

• To find suppliers who are more optimal to perform the service of outsourcing machinery

7. S.W.O.T Analysis

• StrengthsThe soursop differ from of other products because of its

Flavor and scent

Capable work team.

Contact with international certified suppliers.

• Weaknesses

New company, without mark leadership.

Limited financial capital.

Limited production capacity....
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