Extreme beauty

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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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Extreme beauty

Beauty has always been one of the obsessions of the human, but the search for an absolute ideal can transcend eras and societies inevitably lead us toexpressions subjective tied to cultural norms. Today we have new and rigid parameters to define what is beautiful; some choose to mate admiring the perfection while others are afraid to do different.
We know of Lyn May Mexicanactress of the show addicted to physical attractiveness and limits that went through his ideal of beauty.

The life of a person who does everything that your alcanse to reach perfection.
The life of ayoung journalist who discovers in his fat a style of beauty far removed from our present the life of a young journalist who discovers in his fat a style of beauty far removed from our present.Obsession matter of taste or an endless search, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what happens when we throw away is different and breaks with the canons of beauty set and simply beconsidered taboo.
Taboo extreme beauty
Over the years the beauty varied at different times and society’s continents, for studying the real beauty gets old in spirit and in the earthly. The beauty ofthe world was only a manifestation of beauty. Today’s modern society the media hand seems to indicate that we must be beautiful, Many times at any cost.
Today there plastic surgery.
The desire topossess a body chiseled by the hand of an expert Surgeon is the desire of those who are not content with what nature gave them a gift or want to perpetuate his youth.
The absence of fear of surgeryand the need to become what he always dreamed parameters ends up breaking down the taboo.
But what happens when you visit the operating room in search of more beauty and only manages to risk theirlives.

Mexico D.F Lyn May
Mexican actress and famous debut. Participated in TV programs, First get the money after fame, and with this latest cosmetic surgery.
Throughout his life Lyn May an...
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