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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Universidad de Oriente
Núcleo de Sucre
Departamento de Idiomas Modernos

“Facebook and Twitter such an interesting kind of networks”

Internet has involved incredibly, in 90’s therewere only 4 or 5 possible ways to communicate directly; nowadays, there are a lot of ways to do it. Websites which principal purpose is to meet people are very popular in our days; those websites arenow called “social networks”. Among those you can find: Hi5, MySpace, Google Talk, Skype, Tag world, Badoo, Windows live and others. But the most famous are Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook wascreated by Mark Zuckerbeg in 2004. You can enjoy a lot of tools that it offer to their users; first of all you can join it for free, you just need to have an email account to star to create a personalprofile. In your facebook profile you can share personal information as well as having a picture to show. Moreover, looking for old friends is one of the most popular tools in facebook; you can notimagine how many people around the world have gathered using that way. Another feature is that you can upload photos and videos in order to share with your friends. What is more, every single time that youreceive a notification in your profile, immediately you are going to receive an email reporting it. Not all the information that you share in your profile have to be public, you can also send privatemessages to your partners.

Likewise, Twitter has multiples functional tools that help users to find friends and keeping up informed about any kind of news. Having an email account is the onlyrequest to get into this social network, because, the administration does not receive any payment for your registration, and they need your email to let you know when you have a new follower (people whoreads your entries). After get into twitter, people immediately make a profile, put a picture on it and have the option of make a biography. In addition to those useful functions when you want to...
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