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Class Book

Tamzin Thompson


S 1, e ri; e i-fe.c7eI.
Present simple

Pih5 ; :re J.f171317C
Present continuous Post simple Punctuation review

Word s
Tools Working with words: subject verb object adjectives and adverbs Words in context: My tree house

Present perfect: ever / never

Reading: A poem: My tree house (Cross-curricular link)Listening: Listening and ordering objects Writing focus: Rhythm in r (counting syllables and stn Writing outcome: Writing using syllable counts and (Workbook)

Have you ever cleaned a kitchen? I've never made a cake.
Present perfect:for / since

Ben has had woodwork lessons since he was eight. Speaking: Asking and answering He's worked on this wooden table for two weeks. questions about makingthings

Putting on a play Working with words: Silent letters: gh and k Words in context:

Past simple and present perfect

It was great! I've tidied up all the leaves.

Reading: A play script: The Crown Diamond (Cross-curricular link) Listening: Listening and ordering events Speaking: Predicting the ending to a play

Writing focus: Features of a play script Writing outcome: Completanplay script (Workbook)

already / yet / before / just
I've already built the set. I haven't learnt the script yet. I haven't been in a play before. Karen has just finished the costumes.

The Crown Diamond

Household items Working with words: Suffix -ion Words in context:

Comparatives and superlatives

Reading: A story: Lost at the

as ... as ...
It's as colourful as the carnival inRio.

Listening: Predicting and Listening for descriptions Speaking: Asking and answering questions about wearing costumes

Writing focus: Beginnings and endings of stories Writing outcome: Ending a sto (Workbook)

not as ... as ....
It's not as big as the carnival in Rio.

Lost at the carnival

too / enough

It's too dark now. There's not enough light in here.

Extensivereading: non-fiction National Youth Theatre Extensive reading: fiction The Raft


page 3

The environment Working with words: Compound nouns Words in context:

Past simple and past continuous: interrupted actions

1 Reading: An

information text:

An eco honre (Cross-curricular link)
Listening: Identifying details of a lifestyle Speoking: Asking and answering questions about theenvironment

Writing focus: Making writing more fluent Writing outcome: Writing an information text (Workbook)

Some children were playing when we arrived.

Used to
There used to be lots of litter here.

An eco honre

rJ Recgcling

Reuse and recycle
Reading: A magazine article: As Will / won't Now Chip will know how to do everything and he lgood as new (Cross-curricular link) won'tmake mistakes. Listening: Listening and ordering Present continuous with future meaning events Speaking: Asking and answering questions about recycling Writing focus: Making suggestions Writing outcome: Writing u leaflet (Workbook)

Working with words: Prefix reWords in context:

As good as new

We're leaving at two o'clock.

Crazy about wildlife!
At the wildlife park Working with words:Suffixes -er / -or
Words in context:

page 52
Reading: An article: Gorilla

Going to: future pLans and intentions My class is going to adopt a tiger. Going to: predictions
It's going to fati.

Kingdom (Cross-curricular link)
Listening: Listening and completing fact files Speaking: Asking and answering questions about animals

Writing focus: Topic sentences and paragraphs Writingoutcome: Writing an article (Workbook)

Gorilla Kingdom

Extensive reading: non-fiction Trash People Extensive reading: fiction The Elephant's Child

page 60

page 62

First aid Working with words: Phrasal verbs Words in context:

Reported speech

page 64
Reading: An account: A day in Writing focus: Features of a newspaper report Writing outcome: Writing a...
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