Fareheit 451

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Name: Esteban Salinas Title: Hiroshima
Author: John Hersey Grade: 11
1st Quarter Ch. 1 The book starts on August 6, 1945, when the siren sounds in Hiroshima, and a Atomic Bomb is dropped by America leaving more than 100,000 people dead. After all that explanation, the book focuses on six characters: Toshiko Sasaki, Masakazu Fujii, Hatsuyo Nakamura, Father WilhelmKleinsorge, Terufumi Sasaki, and a reverend called Kiyoshi Tanimoto. The book talks about each person’s experiences. At first Kiyoshi, are moving some belongings when the bomb falls and covers them is tiles and other things. “As the bomb fell over Hiroshima and exploded, we saw an entire city disappear. I wrote in my log the words: "My God, what have we done?” – It was such a huge explosion that itseemed that the end of the world had come. Hatsuyo also was affected by the bomb, and well was missing one of her 3 kids. Masakazu, when the bomb fell, went into a river where luckily it saved him but his house was destroyed. Wilhem, after the bomb woke up in a garden with many cuts, while Terufimi was unharmed and was helping people. When the bomb exploded, Toshiko was almost killed by the roofabove her, but she did break her leg. After it explains what happened to all these 6 survivors, it explains a little bit of how many people died, and how the atomic radiation will affect the others. I think it is such a tragedy that so many people died, because it’s sad to see people lose someone they love and devastating for another country to murder so many people. Yes it stopped the war, butviolence is no good way to stop a huge problem. I think that some of the characters will be sick due to radiation or someone will die. | 2nd Quarter Act III-IV At the beginning of chapter 2, it explains the damage it has caused and then how Tanimoto runs away from his house to help other people, and then goes to the city because he is worried about his family. Nakamura finds his kids and head forsafety to a Jesuit mission house where Kleinsorge is leaving from. Then Kleinsorge goes and starts helping people, but he can’t take them to the hospital because it has been destroyed.Later Fujii gets out of the river and see’s his hospital destroyed, but then he feels the heat and stays in the water until all the fire cools down. Sasaki in another hospital is helping other people especially thosewho are in worse conditions. Miss Sasaki however is taken to another hospital because her leg has been broken and cut. “There, in the tin factory, in the first moment of the atomic age, a human being was crushed by books.” This quote, referring to Miss Sasaki’s injury after the atomic explosion, ends the first chapter of Hiroshima. The image is powerful because it juxtaposes very disparateelements. Tanimoto goes into the city and finds his wife but then his wife leaves him. Later Tanimoto meets up with Kleinsorge. Mr Fujii then decides to get out of the water and with 2 nurses, he leaves to find his parents. Nakamura and her kids then decide to drink water from the river, but are contaminated and star vomiting, but Kleinsorge helps them. Mr Tanimoto starts taking people in boats tosafer places. I think that the people helping others especially Kleinsorge and Tanimoto are a good example of how people need to be, and no just think of themselves. I still think its sad that this has happened, and especially because of how dangerous the radiation is affecting the people. This is very dangerous for their health so I am a little worried of what will happen next. |
3rd quarterCh. 3-4Kleinsurge and Tanimoto manage to save lots of people, while Fujii and Miss Sasaki are both hurt and injured in the Red Cross hospital. After that, there is a broadcast in a radio that explains the bomb, but people still don’t know it was a atomic bomb. Then Kleinsurge and Tanimoto find people who are burned and continue to help. Then Nakaruma finds out that all her family is dead and is...
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