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  • Publicado : 30 de junio de 2010
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Dear Susan;
I want to explain all to you, although I know that you traveled to Spain with your family because you could not support my maltreatments. First of all I want to let you know that Iloved you more tan anyone in this world.
My terrible life started as the most normal. I was a clever boy, educated in a very good way in one of the most expensive school, as well as you know. Myaddiction to drugs started when I decide to study production of television in a strange university.
At the beginning I wasn`t comfortable there, but the time passed and I started making friendsadapting to their way of life. We started going to parties, drinking alcohol, and consuming marijuana. I started feeling that those awful things gave me power and strength to do things I never could. I wasvery happy because I had friends but I was very distance from my family and from YOU. At that moment I didn`t realize how wrong I was. The days passed and I started consuming more and more drugs anddifferent types of them.
My addiction was terrible. I felt with so much power that I decided to go to live with my friends and cut any relation with my family and with my loved ones. I stopped studyand didn’t work. I enter to a period of my life where I was without money so I started to rob supermarkets, and sell thing so as to have money to buy drugs. My mind was in other place, I was mad. Ifelt alone so I decided to go to parties every day; there I met Mary. I started dating her, but always the two under drugs; it wasn’t a serious relation until he told me she was pregnant. After Icontinue I want to explain that she does not signify anything to me, you are the only one in my world.
My life was falling into pieces, that`s why I decided to call my mother to help me although we nevertalk. She got very emotion and couldn’t believe what was happening. She decided to intern me so as to get a fast recuperation. Although at that moment I hate her because of her decision but now I...