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This work discusses a plucked string musical instrument, consisting of a wooden box, a mast on which is attached the fingerboard or storeroom, usually with a sound hole in the center ofthe cover and six strings. On the fingerboard are inlaid dishes that allow the different tones.

The guitar is a stringed musical instrument that is plucked with the fingers,once the strings were of gut and today is nylon, has a sound box with the back flat and soft curves that give a special charm in contrast to the family members of the lute, characterized by its convexbottom. Its construction is of paramount importance to assign to the guitar its true origin and position in the history of musical instruments, a seat midway between the cithara and violin. Medievalstring instruments with mast are divided into two classes, typified by the shape and construction of the soundboard.
Who created it?
Antonio de Torres is considered the creator of the modernclassical guitar. His work established the shape, design and construction. It is considered the Stradivarius of the guitar.
To better understand the contributions made ​​to the guitar Torres is necessary tolocate the early nineteenth century, when re-entering the scene great virtuosos of the instrument, which since then has the dual role of popular and concert instrument.
And by 1800 were known inSpain six-string guitars, although will last approximately six orders until 1830. During this period settled definitely certain aspects of construction typical of the modern guitar:
-The pitch over thetop.
-The bridge Lesnar amending the nut to give more tension to the strings
-Mechanical jacks are adopted or modified machines and templates and embellishments.
It is also said that by this timeentered the fashion in Spain French templates and ornaments of ivory and pearl style of that country, and this is believed to be possible to stay in Paris of the two most distinguished Spanish...
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