Felicidad poder y exito

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2011
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It depends. People can ever be happy when their desires come true. In this universe always there is a component has to be sacrifice to make another people happy. As you said in your article ofAcquiring Happiness many religions says we can truly be happy, but I consider don’t only believe what the religion says, but have really close relationships with the author will make us happy. For examplewith Christianity, have a really relationship with Jesus makes their followers happy. Why? Because we know Jesus Christ sacrificed himself to make us happy after this life, although many people willnot think about this sacrifice something amazing, but if we can see in all religions there is no one who died for the human being, and for that Christians are happy, not because he died, but becausefor his dead we became alive, and this is more spiritual discussion.
However, when we get away from religion, I did a type of interview and I post in my facebook wall “what makes you happy” and I gotamazed what variety of feedback I received: In the age range of 12 – 18 years old their answers were I DON’T KNOW. Probably because in this age they haven’t found what make them happy or is becausetheir “prime mover” haven’t development yet? So that makes me think is there a certain age when we know what makes me happy? On the other hand 18 and up the answers I could read were as my firststatement for this assignment says. “People can ever be happy when their desires come true.” Some people focused the things that make them happy is family, achieving goals, belongings etc. but a post Iliked was this "You know that I asked myself that same question, there are lots of things that make me happy for example; family, friends, etc but I cannot based my happiness in a person because we arehumans beings and we are not perfect and sometimes we can be a pain in the butt. But remember that not everything in life is sour we are the ones that make our happiness sweet n tasty”. As a result...
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