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  • Publicado : 26 de noviembre de 2010
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Art in the school

Which is our future work as a teachers in Colombia?. Our job is just teaching Spanish and English? Or maybe we can do something more for improve this country and train people inthe school? At school are some problems like violence and laziness , through economic problems and the inadequate education system applied in Colombia (José A Hernández) this affects the process ofeducation in the students and therefore the country's intellectual development. thThe problems that arise at school as violence, drug abuse and the declining interest in school, are consequences ofmajor problems that are part of society and are express in school by students, that is to say, the problems of the school are the result of social problems. However there are some different ways tohelp solved these difficulties more effectives than
insecurity in children and youth. This essay will present the art as a possible tool in the transformation processes within the school since artprovides an opportunity for students to express themselves and develop their innate talent.

Art is not the solution to the disadvantages at school, but it is a useful tool for their decline. all humanbeings need to communicate with others and to express what they think, art provides the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts through symbolic languages created by themselves, it is givingrise to development of creative expression, and imagination due to artistic creation is an exercise that is linked necessarily to invent new things that arise from the experience of each one.Encourage artistic creation in child’s and young by teachers is a fundamental task to help their individual development, and therefore collective, and occupy the mind in creation and not in harmfulactivities for mental health as television.

Through the art, also, students are able to express their discontent with society, they can denounce and criticize social phenomena that affect their lives and...
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