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Fuji Intelligent Chromo Endoscopy

The next generation of endoscopic diagnosis has arrived with Fujinon's new EPX-4400 video processor. F.I.C.E. (FUJI Intelligent Chromo Endoscopy, ) installed in the EPX-4400, is able to assist in dramatically enhancing accurate diagnosis of minute lesions.
As a basic principle, F.I.C.E. imaging is implemented based on Spectral Estimation Technology. SpectralEstimation Technology takes an ordinary endoscopic image from the video processor and arithmetically processes, estimates and produces an image of a given, dedicated wavelength of light. Now, for the first time ever, this technology is put to practical use in the field of endoscopy by Fujinon. The expected advantage of this new digital processing system is a dramatic enhancement in the detectionand identification of pathologic changes. The F.I.C.E. system is expected to enable doctors to supplement differences in experiences and to diagnose clinical findings more accurately than ever before. In contrast to a system in which an optical filter is used, this digital processing system is able to switchover between an ordinary image and a F.I.C.E. image in a split second.


Anexample in which it became easier to observe tissue characterization on surface parts and capillary orientations become clearer

This is a processed image example of the cardiac portion of the esophagus. In this portion, blood vessel orientation conditions or continuity are important information for diagnosis. As using FICE can clarify blood vessel conditions, it contributes to the detection ofabnormal points.


An example in which F.I.C.E. was effective in boundary diagnosis of stomach cancer IIc pathologic changes.

This is an example of combining F.I.C.E. with magnification endoscopy. The part that is clear in the cancer structure is the normal part, while the part with a disorderly structure is the abnormal part.


An example in which it was easier to identifythe continuity of palisade blood vessels fine long branching vessels.

It is possible to observe blood vessel orientation, but the continuity is unclear and difficult to observe. It is possible to express blood vessels more clearly using FICE, and the continuity of blood vessels was recognized. Furthermore, it is possible to confirm with further magnification of the area.
These case photographsare shown by courtesy of Professor Kouzu of the Medical School, Chiba University.

FICE Fuji Intelligent Chromo Endoscopy
The Principal and Flow Chart of F.I.C.E. Imaging
F.I.C.E. Image Processing Flowchart
Original Image

Original R,G,B Image

Estimated Spectral Images
550nm 500nm 470nm

Assigned Spectral Images to R,G,B

Final F.I.C.E. Processed Image

FICE is based on aSpectral Estimation Technology, a technology invented by Professor Yoichi Miyake of the Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University. An image captured by the Fujinon electronic scope is sent to the Spectral Estimation Matrix processing circuit in the EPX-4400. Here, various pixilated spectrums of the image are estimated. Since the spectrums by pixels are known, it is possible to implement imaging on asingle wavelength. Such single wavelength images are randomly selected, and assigned to R (Red,) G (Green,) and B (Blue) respectively to build and display a F.I.C.E. enhanced color image.

The Impact of Wavelength on the Imaging of Mucosal Membrane

Original Image








Minute observation of superficial patterns and color differences,which are important for endoscopic diagnosis, depend on the characteristics of light diffusion and absorption. The image displayed differs entirely by wavelength applied to it during observation. For instance, shorter wavelengths around 400~500nm are said to be suitable for clarifying surface structures, and the wavelengths around 550nm are known as most suitable for visualizing of blood vessels...
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