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  • Publicado : 3 de julio de 2010
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10 advantages of Ubuntu on Vista
Looking for by the network, I was an interesting article on the advantages that the operating system Ubuntu with respect to Vista Windows has. The users are many who think that the only alternative is the operating system of Microsoft and who they know other alternatives like GNU Linux, first that thinks is in difficulty and operating system for experts.
I wantto make clear that everything has changed enough and animate all to people to prove this wonderful gratuitous operating system and with total support for the community.
Not only Ubuntu exists, but that there are several distributions and that are interesting to prove them to see as it adapts better to your necessities. If you look for facility I recommend Ubuntu to you, and in the case of lookingfor much Debian security is guessed right, and for something more intermediate “facility and stability”, good looking I by Centos 5.
Here I leave a listing you of advantages that I am safe will animate to you to prove it, Remembers that you have an installable version and live, of facilities and with no need totally functional, for which you make your valuations.
The operating systems haveavailable complete unloadings in iso and ready to record in CD, I facilitate some to you webs where you can unload them.
1) Attractive line of vision
To be honest, this was the main reason for which I changed, clear that Vista Windows has much of this… but is not so good. Ubuntu 9,04 comes with several from the new effects that areseen nowadays, these effects include the rotatory bucket and the swaying windows, that make the use more pleasant. I have installed Beryl in my computer to give more attractive line of vision him. Many of my judgments are based on the first impression, the characteristics later.
2) Applications easy to install
To install new programs in Ubuntu is eaten bread, is much more easy that in Windowsbecause exists a program that most of gives access you to the programs available for Linux, simply there are click in the program which you want and it is going it to install, you do not need to accept agreements because is opened code, is not necessary to click 20 times in Next in order to install a program, simply it selects the program, there are click in ready OK and.
3) Surely
In Vista, tochange a preference, it requires a ridiculous amount of dialogues, screens and passwords; in Ubuntu never these signed like administrator (root) but like a simple user, you can change options that apply to the area of your user, but cannot change options that affect the system, because to do you require it to introduce password of administrator, I engage in a dialog and these inside, simple andsafe. It would be necessary to add like extra that exists very few virus in Linux ( are them?), never I have run into with one in all this time, reason why I feel safe, imagines not to have no installed protection of virus in Windows. There is no necessity of this in Linux, freedom of which your data are threatened.
4) Options easy to change
Ubuntu comes with a Control Panel, but also a menu to aside of Applications where simply you select what you wish to change, is Bottom or Configuration of the network. Everything what appears in the windows is simple and are only the options that you need to change them easily.
5) The Community
The community behind Linux, specially of Ubuntu, is what attracts more people to this Operating system. People in the Linux community usually are ex--users ofWindows, reason why usually they know that she feels to be new in an operating system and are happy for helping. When I have a problem with Ubuntu simply I put a message in Forums of Ubuntu and at issue of minutes there are answers to my problems. They have never had to me to the delay nor I have had to telephone to service to clients and to wait for hours to solve my problem.
6) Free...
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