Final fantasy legend walk

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Final fantasy legend

4. Walkthrough

I have divided my walkthrough into different sections to make it easier
for the readier to follow. The first major division I have made is that
I have divided the Walkthrough up into different Worlds. Ithen
separated these Worlds into different parts, based upon the certain
necessary or interesting steps that you must advance through to beat
the game. The numbers that I have before the subject headings designate
certain places. The first number (4), represents the exact section of
the walkthrough. The second number (1,2,3,4), represents what World
this section is located in. The lastnumber represents what major part
or step of the World you are currently in. To the right side of each
subject heading I have listed what Items can be found by following the
steps listed below that certain part of the walkthrough.

World 1=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

4.1.1 Base Town - Nothing

Once you start a new game you have the option of choosing what
character you would like to begin with. For more information on
choosing characters, refer to the tutorial and guide section of thisFAQ/Walkthrough.

Your character will appear at the entrance to a town. Before you do
anything else, you should go to the Guild and recruit 3 other party
members. Walk directly north from your starting point into the building
and talk to the human female (to the right of the octopus person).

Once you have your party, your next step is to outfit them for battle.
Walk northeast and talkto the person on left behind the counter. If
you began with a Human or Mutant female, unequip the Saber and sell it
for money. Otherwise, you will need to go outside the town and fight
until you have gained enough gold.

Once you have enough money, buy Rapiers for every possible character.
Not only are they cheap, but also in my opinion, they are best weapons
to begin with. Then keep onfighting outside the town until you have
enough money to buy Gold Armor and Gold Gauntlets for your party
members. Remember, Monster type party members cannot equip armor or
weapons! The defense points the Gold armor gives to your characters
will really help you once you begin to fight harder enemies.

At this stage in the game, it is also very important to plan ahead on
how you wouldlike to develop your Mutant. For information regarding
this refer to the Tutorial and Guide section of this walkthrough.

4.1.2 Town of Hero - Nothing

Exit Base Town and walk northeast. Go across the bridge and start
walking south. Walk alittle bit east, and keep on going south until
you reach the Town of Hero.

In general, it is very important that you to talk to the people you see
in town because they give you great advice about the surrounding areas.
I personally think that talking to townspeople also enhances the "game-
play" aspect of the game. If you do talk to the people, you will learn
that in order to get into theTower, which is located in the center of
Base Town, the statue in the middle of town must have the King Sword,
Armor, and Shield. Each of these items is in the possession of a
different king. Your mission now is to find and gather all three pieces
of equipment. Before you leave town, make sure that you buy a couple of
Bows, because you will need them in your journey to get the King Armor!...
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