Final project international marketing

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3.1 Target market characteristics 3.1.1 ¿Whom is the product aimed at? You must determine who you are aiming your product to, be it the final consumer, an industry, an intermediary, etc. 3.1.2Specific target market characteristics: You should describe the market characteristics (occupation, geographical location, gender, income,
education, age, family cycle stage) relative to socioeconomiclevel. 3.1.3 Living conditions of the target market: you should identify the customs of your target market as they are: eating habits, living habits (whether they own or rent their house, house type),type of clothing and recreational activities. 3.1.4 You must determine the consumer attitudes (positive or negative) that may arise towards the product or similar products. This will determine theacceptance or rejection of the consumers towards your product 3.1.5 Determine the most important attributes of the product that will help the consumer lean towards purchasing it. This will help you definethe competitive advantage of the product. 3.1.6 Identify who buys and who uses the product (father, mother or a third party) 3.1.7 Identify the people or groups of people who influence the purchasedecision. 3.1.8 Is there currently a product that satisfies the same need for the target market? 3.1.9 Where and how often does the target market purchase the product? 3.1.10 Most common mass media usedby similar products (radio, television, press.). 3.1.11 What sales promotions are commonly used by competitors to draw their clients attention? Justify each of the previous points; you must explainhow the information affects your Project. In the event that one of the points cannot be applied to your project, you will be required to explain why. You must always ask yourself: "How does thisinformation influence or affect my project?" Don´t forget to include your rationalization along with the information. 4. Analysis of distribution characteristics. You must analyze the following in order to...
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