Five tecnologies that could change everything

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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Summary of Five Technologies That Could Change Everything

Over the years scientists have tried to keep our planet in the best conditions, and also try to give the most benefits with new advancesin science.

In the article that we have read, shows the five new technologies that try to keep our world the best way, thus avoiding global warming, the greenhouse effect, so there are newtechnological advances in energy and other savings


One of the first choices is a SPACE-BASED SOLAR POWER

Sunlight is reflected off giant orbiting mirrors to an array ofphotovoltaic cells; the light is converted to electricity and then changed into microwaves, which are beamed to earth. Ground-based antennas capture the microwave energy and convert it back toelectricity, which is sent to the grid.

A ground receiving station a mile in diameter could deliver about 1,000 megawatts—enough to power on average about 1,000000 homes in U.S.A. The cost of sending solarcollectors into space is the biggest obstacle , this is the reason why the scientists wants found a new system that will be the most cheaper for the companies interesting in this tecnology.

.Advancedbatteries for cars

Other new technologies that are proposed are advanced batteries for cars, such as lithium batteries, which by its long duration in laptops, are proposed for large-scaledevelopment in automobiles. A lithium-air battery pulls oxygen from the air for its charge, so the device can be smaller and more lightweight. but it will be decades before they produce their marketing..UTILITY STORAGE

There are different types of energy storage. Although in our times demand that overspending is not feasible.
Some of these options are the storage of large wind power turbines, theproblem is to find large storage caverns
Although one of the most feasible and with few problems, are the litium – ion batteries because their production can be low cost, and besides that is very...
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