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Screenshots included in this manual may differ from the actual product. Macintosh, Mac OS X and Audio Units are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technology AG. All other trademarks held by their respective owners. © 2006. This manual is copyrighted Toontrack Music AB.EZdrummer 2

1 - INTRODUCTION 1.1 What is EZdrummer? 1.2 Recording Notes 2 - INSTALLATION 2.1 dfh EZdrummer at a glance 2.2 System Requirements 2.3 Installing dfh EZdrummer for Windows 2.4 Installing dfh EZdrummer for Macintosh 2.5 Authorizing dfh EZdrummer on your computer 3 - QUICK START GUIDE 3.1 Loading a Kit 3.2 Browsing the MIDI Library 3.3 Building your Drum Track 3.4 Mixingthe Kit 4 - ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITY 4.1 Advanced Routing 4.2 Help Menu 4.3 Adding MIDI Grooves to the Browser 4.4 Key Mapping 4.5 Expanding EZdrummer 6 6 7 8 8 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 13 14 14 14 15 15 16

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Toontrack Development Team: Andreas Sundgren (name & concept) Erik Phersson (project management) Mattias Eklund (audio recordings and editing) Henrik Kjellberg (audiorecordings) Olof Westman (programming) Rogue Marechal (support & testing) Fredrik Ärletun (graphic artist) Produced and engineered by: Neil Dorfsman, Pat Thrall, Mattias Eklund & Henrik Kjellberg. Played by Nir Z External consultants: Keith More (MIDI programming and velocity sweep concept) Philippe Decuyper (general expertise) Fredrik Hägglund - www.diod.nu (flash tutorial) Manual written by: RogueMarechal & Andreas Sundgren. Proofreading by Chuck Butler. Betatesters (to whom our undying gratitude goes): Kevin Afflack, Marcello Azevedo, Tony Artimisi, Damian Blunt, Chuck Butler, John Christensen, Eric Colvin, Philippe Decuyper, Martin Fido, Lewis Gilbert, Chaim Goldman, Mark King, Kenny Lee, Emmanuel Lorant, Motoyoshi Matsumoto, Murray McDowall, Jeffrey Naness, Kirk Pennak, John Rammelt,Robert Rainey, Chris Ryan, Fred Schendel, James Thompson. Additional Thanks: All our hard working distributors and supporting families.

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1.1 What is dfh EZdrummer? Somebody once suggested that we make a light version of dfh SUPERIOR. A great suggestion! dfh SUPERIOR was and still is a monster of a box, designed with the mad scientist music producer inmind. When the time came around to actually realize the idea of a smaller drum sampler we decided to take the concept one step further. So, EZdrummer is a SUPERIOR LE and at the same time it isn’t. The experience gained from developing dfh SUPERIOR is all there: sounds recorded and produced in partnership with the best in the business, microphone control, humanizing features, and TPC (ToontrackPercussive Compression) keeps RAM and disc space requirements to a minimum.

We’ve also decided to take user friendliness above and beyond:
In it’s most basic mode of operation, EZdrummer can yield a great drum track in just a few clicks. The microphone levels are all pre-set. Using the built in MIDI features you can create a drum sequence from a choice of thousands MIDI files by simply openingEZdrummer, selecting the file of your choice, and dragging it into your host. The internal mixer allows EZdrummer to work in both stereo and multitrack mode without the user having to step out of one version of the plug-in and into another. It also gives you control of levels between mics and ambience and overhead microphone leakage. Bringing all this to the user is an interface that we think speaksfor itself. So who’s dfh EZdrummer for? We think everyone. Combining quintessential features and advanced handling as well as low system requirements, dfh EZdrummer is an entry level product but also ideal for the pros who need to be mobile. With EZdrummer we’ve taken the first step into the next generation of acoustic drum samplers. The journey starts here.

Andreas Sundgren, Toontrack...
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