Flour baby

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Santiago Campos Herrrera S3B 02/20/2011
Flour Baby
When people grow, usually they get married, and most of the times have a sun, sadly now younger woman aregetting pregnant. As a project and learning experience, miss Rita let us pretend we has a baby, taking care of a flower bag. Taking care of it was hard, I can´t imagine me having one at these age, butI learned lots of things, became more responsible and gained some paternal traits.
To have a baby you have to know lots of things, most of them, super important. You have to know the costs ofeverything you buy for him and if it´s the correct thing for him. Also you have to know how to teach him stuff that in the moment doesn´t seems important, but he will do anything based on the things helearned at the beginning of his life.
A baby is a human and human’s don´t just need money to have a good life. Babies need love and someone that takes care of them, in this case us, and the baby is a bagof flower. You can´t trust in nobody, it´s your baby and you are responsible for his physical and mental state, if some thing happens to him, the only one to blame is yourself.

This project washelpful because now it´s normal for us to be watching our "son". We learned that it´s not so hard, I suppose that in real life it´s easier because you love the little creature. I don´t think it´s BS thisproject, it wasn’t super fun but it could be useful in the future.

Being a dad is a great responsibility, you have to be with him almost all the time, you got to teach him values and things thathe will use for all his life. Babies in their first years of life (or humans) they geed to learn the basics, like walking, maybe running, talking of course, writing, babies need to have a father thatis ready to take care in this way of a baby. There for the project, women don’t really know what’s having a baby till they got one, and that bad, because a baby doesn’t only needs love needs a parent...
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