Fluency vs accuracy

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 The biggest obstacle to learning English is to be self confident. For that I prefer to develop fluency in mystudents than accuracy. In class, the students can laugh of the error of their partner, that cause low-esteem. When the students are children, this don´t affect because they are ingenuity to the task oflearning a new language. they have no fear of failure. They are not inhibited by what others might think, but when they are teens it’s a problem because they don´t want to participate in classbecause their partner make fun of it.
In my opinion, the best way that students don’t be afraid is emphasize in fluency and in based on it, apply accuracy. For that, in the process to acknowledge of aforeigner language, I consider the error as natural because I can address the errors and priories the students think about the ideas, no about the grammar.
 Fluency is the subskill that built confidencemy students in foreigner language, while accuracy permits the students to make the message right but don´t permit think. So they can communicate ideas, encourage they interact themselves, they focuson the idea they want to communicate. The students need to experiment with a new language as a child did it.
The children begin their first language by imitating what they hear their parents say asbest they can, repeating random phrases. their parents in subtle ways punish them for the childish speech errors they make (by not responding, correcting the error, etc.) and reward correct phrases (byresponding positively). As they speech improves, their parents respond more positively and less negatively. That is, they are looking for fluency interacting.
Over the years from 2-6, when languageis mastered, children constantly adjust their grammar until it matches that of the adult speaker population they abstract rules from them and create their own grammar which they then apply to...
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