Form, perception, science, art, space in architecture

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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2010
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Universidad Anahuac del Sur

Theory of architecture II

Relationship between form, perception, science, art, space in architecture

Ana Carolina Reyes Contreras
22th August 2010
Mexico D.F.Relationship between form, perception, science, art, space in architecture
“Form is a revelation of essence” Meister Johann Eckhart

Schemarsow’s argued that architecture had been marginalizedinto mere decoration, and then passed off as an act of dressing.
Johannes Volket made a connection between the physical movement of the viewer and the viewers perception if space life-symbols. Heshowed how symbols were seen through movement, in relation to the body’s position, and formulated a two-fold process for the successful symbolization of spatial form where: the spatial form fist needed tobe seen through movement, and secondly, the movement had to be recognized by the senses.
The inclusion of the new discipline of psychology meant that the role of the subject began to increase animportance; no longer was the object viewed in a isolation. The location and the position of the viewer came to be consider equally, as well as the movement in relation to a static whole.
Lipps mostsignificant contribution to the spatial debate; was to identified two types of space: a geometric one and an aesthetic space.
This will also create a second type of space. The first was a threedimensional spatial mass, where space was considered a corporeal concept, the second was an abstract sprea out collection of spatial planes of a plastic and cubic space.
I agree with Paul Frankl systemconsidering: spatial composition, treatment of mass and surface, treatment of light, colour and other optical effects, and the relation of design to social functions. This create a moving perceptionbecause everything create a single mental image as we go though the place we can create this image with the one of the exterior and the interior one.
So the whole visual field is perceived in three...
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