Modernist architecture in mexico

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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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Modernist architecture in Mexico
The modernistic period of Mexican Architecture began after the Mexican revolution of 1917, when unparalleled and extraordinary artistic innovations were witnessedfor symbolically emphasizing the diverse social and political objectives of the revolution. Although the emergence of modernistic architecture bears important resemblances to North American andEuropean architecture it also shows many exceptional distinctive features which highlight specific impairments to challenge contemporary architecture. During this period glorification of the original nativeand conventional art depicted efforts to combine elements of the past with modernistic art in a unique blend of traditional and modern art as a means of redefining modern architecture and art and thelink between post and pre-revolutionary art.
The most prominent and probably the best know of these artists were the couple Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, whose house-studio is knows to be one ofthe most important landmarks of Mexico, mainly it being the first construction of the modernistic faction in Mexico and more so because it this was the place of residence of two artists who were thepioneers or art had a very deep impact on art and architecture in postmodern Mexico. This constructed work of art caused a serious debate during that time because of the unique combination breakaway fromthe artistic and visual relationship of typical examples of architectural painting on walls (murals) that integrated beauty with practicality. This ultra-modern form of art was also being practicedin Europe by Le Corbusier, whose use of material and spaces was initially considered to be revolutionary and quite different, but eventually was accepted worldwide by the mainstream architecturalcommunity.
It was in this house that Frida came into her own as a painter and created such memorable works as “What gave me water”. “The Watchful Eye”. The Late Dimas and “The Two Frindas”. The house...
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