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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Villahermosa, Tabasco, August 31, 2012


Practice #1

Institute Cumbres de Villahermosa

Miss Martha

* Learn how the solvation occurs
* Understand how thedishwashing detergent works
* Determine if the colorant affects in the result

A solution is a homogeneous mixture that is made-up by one substance known as solute and anothersubstance known as solvent. The solute is the substance present in the smaller amount, the substance that dissolves, and the solvent, it the substance present if largest amount, the one that is dissolving.There can be more than one solute.
The solvation is a process in which the ionic molecules of the solute associate with the molecules with partial charge of the solvent; it leads to the stabilizationof the solution. This process only occurs with polar solvents, like water.
A polar solvent is a chemical where there is either a permanent separation of positive and negative charges or where thecenter of the charges is not balanced. Other examples of polar solvents are the ethanol, butanol and the formic acid.
This process changes the energy levels of the solution, because it use energy inthe process and at the end it releases energy. Some substance releases large amounts of energy as heat.
One fact that affects the dissolution is the concentration of the substance, for example,this experiment would not work with lactose-free milk or light milk, because it has fewer fats, and the solvation is between the lipids of whole milk and the dishwashing detergent.

*Petri dish
* Graduated cylinder
* 4 different food colorings
* 2 toothpicks
* 20 ml whole milk
* 5 ml dishwashing detergent

1. Add whole milk to a Petri dish to a heightof 0.05 cm
2. Place one drop of four different food colorings in four different location of the surface of the milk. Do not put food coloring in the center
3. Deep the end of the toothpick...
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