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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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My greatest asset is that i am very funny
1. The nicest thing i ever did for anyone was arrange a surprise party for her birthday
2. The nicest anyone ever did me was buyed the pc for me3. One question i have about life is where we come
4. One thing i’ve always wondered about is who create the world
5. My teachers last year will tell you that i am very vague
6. My friendswill tell you that i am very sympathetic
7. People like me because i am very funny and friendly
8. One thing most people don’t know about me is that i have fear to the darkness
9. I am anexpert on computers and games
10. I want to know more about survival
11. When i am 25,i will be driving with my car
12. Five years from now i will in the university
13. When i want to,ihave the ability to do anything that i want
14. A famous person i admire is cristiano ronaldo
15. The bravest thing i ever did was jump to the front roof
16. I have trouble dealing withproblematic people
17. I appreciate it when teachers put videos to learn
18. I am proud of my ability to do things
19. I like play games in mi house because they are very funny
20. I really needto improve and strive more in class
21. My favorite class is informatica
22. My friends make me laugh when they say funny things
23. My pet peeve is lack of work in Spain
24. When i amsad i eat
25. The most stressful thing in my life is when i have many test
26. The most influential person in my life is my mum
27. If i had one hundred dollars i would go to a good restaurant28. I am named for
29. It was easy to learn verbs
30. It was difficult to learn the meaning of the words in english
31. I have no regrets about anything
32. I want to know more aboutthe general life
33. A friend once showed me how to do a problem of math
34. I like rock music because i like this type of song
35. My favorite color is red because is the color of the blood...
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