French revolution

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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2012
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French Revolution :

A big revolution against the monarch is going on in Paris.

The peasants are getting upset with the government. One of the biggest problems are the taxes.
A random familythat belongs to the third state has to pay taxes for everything. While the people that belongs to the first and the second states do not pay anything. The third state has to pay a tax to the Catholicchurch called La Tithe, a five per cent of his property called La Vingtième, a land tax called La Taille and a tax per person who belongs to the family called Capitalitation.

You have to add to thetaxes years of bad harvests. The Royal lives with a incredible luxury while the peasants are dying because the do not have any food. Wars like the seven years war and the United States war ofindependence take the French bank to an absolut crisis.

On May 5 1989 the general states get open again by the king. People from the three states meet in the Menus-Plaisirs. The third state wants to get avote per person and invite the church to be with them.
The third state leaves the room and goes to the “Jeu de paume” another room. On June 27 the king accepts their suggestions and invites them tobe part of the assembly again. On July 9 the assembly gets the name component assembly . Finishing with years of a monarchy absolutism.

The revolutions gets bigger with the conquist of “LaBastilla”. A lot of little towns starts creating townhalls that just follow the national component assembly . In the rural people are firing royal and nobel documents and attacking palaces. This movement iscalled the Big Fear.

The church get also a big change during the revolution. It starts to belong to the govern. At the same time to big countries, Prussia and Austria, want to conquist therevolutionary France. This makes the frenchs become a big army that wants to defend his revolution.
The king is acused of plot against the public liberty and the general security of the state. On january 17...