Frida kahlo

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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2011
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Summary about biography of Frida Kalho

The most important Mexican painter, artist that physically had almost united her eyebrows and moustache, died more than 50 yearsago. Her name, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon, born on July 6 of 1907 and die on July 13 of 1954. Daughter of Guillermo Kahlo, photographer, and Matilde Calderon, she hadthree sisters, but her sister Cristina was her faithful companion. Her life was marked by physical suffering, stared with poliomyelitis in 1913, living her permanent sequel andcontinued with various diseases, injuries, accidents and operations. In 1922, he entered in the National Preparatory School in Mexico City, there she became one of the leaders. Inthis school she made the first contact with her future husband, Diego Rivera. In September 17 of 1925 she had a streetcar accident that left her with permanent injuries because herspine was fractured. She had 32 operations and she had to wear corsets all the time. Boredom led her to start painting in 1926, she painted her first self-portrait, her greatstrength and energy for life enabled her to recover and returned to walk. Frida got married to Diego Rivera on August 21, 1929 but them divorcing on 1939. In the spring of 1953, theGallery of Modern Art in this city, organized for the first time, a major exhibition. Frida's health was very bad and the doctors forbade her from attending to the gallery but sheattended in a hospital bed. She died in the July 13, 1954. Her body was cremated and her ashes are in the famous “Casa Azul” in Coyoacan, the place where she was born and aftershe die it became a museum. Hers last words in her diary were: "I hope the exit is joyful and hope never to return". Idealistic woman with great determination and love for her life!
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