Games for children to elicit oral expression

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Game: Hello Koala!
Topic: Courtesy expressions.
Materials: A koala toy
The teacher needs to:
1. Sit the kids in a circle. 
2. Teach them, for instance, "Please", "Koala please" 
3. Pass the koala to a kid who says "Koala please". 
4. The kids then pass the koalas amongst themselves. First of all a kid says "Please" and then receives the koala from the previous player. 
5.Now introduce, for instance, "Thank you". 
6. Repeat the previous activity, but this time after receiving the koala, the child says "Thank you". 
7. Now the teacher introduces "You're welcome!". And repeat again.
8. Try other courtesy expressions that the teacher´s program requires.  

Personal experience:
Children enjoy passing the koala and saying words to him. They find it betterthan just saying words among them. Also, they recall the information many times because they listen to each one of their classmates.

Game: The remote control
Topic: Action verbs
Materials: A remote control
The teacher needs to:
1. Ask the students to make teams.
2. Push the button for each verb saying it quickly e.g. (run, jump, swim, stop …)
3. The students have to do thecommands from the teacher, all of them, in order!
4. The students who do it wrong have to sit down.

Personal experience:
This is a very interesting dynamic to recognize the verbs that the students are acquiring. They do not just repeat words and recognize them in flash cards; they practice them, which makes a more interesting and meaningful way to learn vocabulary.

Game: Don´t pull out myteeth
Topic: To score
Materials: Board and marker
Teacher needs to:
1. Divide the students into two teams.
2. Draw two heads on the board.
3. Draw a big mouth for each head.
4. Draw some teeth inside each mouth.
5. After asking the first student from each team a question the quickest one can remove one tooth from the loser’s mouth!
6. Keep playing till one team loses all theteeth!

Personal experience:
It is not a common way to ask for information. The students really find it challenging because they try to recall any information that the teacher ask for because they do not want to lose points. Also they love competition, so that they do a great effort to be the winners.

Game: Pig
Topic: To make questions.
Materials: a chair
Teacher needs to:1. Put a chair in the middle of the class.
2. Ask one student to sit on the chair.
3. All the class should ask him/her questions
4. But….. that student should always only answer with one word e.g. pig
5. e.g. What do you do? Pig, What is your girlfriend’s name? Pig What’s your favorite sport? Pig
6. The student who is asking or answering should not laugh!
7. Ifthey do laugh they will be out of the game!

Personal experience:
When the teacher ask the students to make questions in role play or any other activity, the students do it but without a big effort. On the contrary, with this kind of activities they really make a big effort to establish questions because they want to hear the classmate response. It is an interesting, meaningful and funny wayto elicit questions from the students.

Game: Hangman
Topic: Any vocabulary
Materials: Board and marker
Teacher needs to: use review words from past lessons.
1. The teacher chooses a word and writes the appropriate number of spaces on the board.
2. Students guess a letter one by one. If the student guesses correctly, write that letter in the space and give the studentanother turn. If they guess wrongly, start drawing a hanging man and have the next student guess a letter.
3. Let the first student to guess the word take the teacher's place.

Personal experience:
This is an interesting activity for spelling. Kids really like to contribute to complete the words and really worried when the man is hanged.

Game: Rhythmic reading
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