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CIVIS is the exclusive licensee of Pictometry ® for Latin America and the Caribbean. Backed by Pictometry® technology, CIVIS offers unique solutions and a valuable response to the specific needs ofeach of its customers within the public and private sector.

What is Pictometry?

Pictometry® is a unique information system with smart image that allows you to observe, measure and plan.Pictometry uses a revolutionary process that combines aerial imagery capture and EFS innovative software that links each pixel of a digital image coordinates. This makes it possible to take real andaccurate area, distance, height, elevation and geographical position of any element in an image.
The Pictometry image library of photographs consists of orthogonal and oblique photographs. 80% of imagesare digital geo-referenced high resolution color, so all elements of an image can be viewed in its entirety.


Some of the benefits of Pictometry technology are increasing userproductivity by reducing costs and substantially reducing field visits, as well as improved production efficiency and management of geo-spatial information.

Pictometry technology applications

Learnhow CIVIS Pictometry technology applied in business solutions and public sector solutions.

Business Solutions

• Property Development

• Architecture, Engineering & Construction

•Financial Institutions

• Real estate appraisers and notaries

Private sector solutions

• Property tax

• State and provincial governments

• Public Safety

• Disasterresponse

Aerial digital images

Oblique and orthogonal images metric digital geo-referenced high-resolution color

CIVIS is a pioneer in Pictometry oblique images in Latin America and the Caribbean.Pictometry's technology uses multiple cameras to offer a unique perspective on oblique aerial photography which allows for up to 20 different views of the same area and look at four corners, (north,...
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