Gestiones de negocio

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We are living times of much competition and few employment opportunities due to the current recession in our countries. Judging from the index of economic activity (IAE), a coincident compositeindicator that prepares the Planning Board, the recession in Puerto Rico began in August 2005. In that month, after reaching an all-time high of 141.6 in July, the IAE declined to 141.3, a drop of 0.2%,and then recorded contraction in three of the four subsequent months, closing at the level of 140.1 in December. Puerto Rican authorities revealed that at the end of the current fiscal period will havecompleted the third year in a row in which the economy is in recession, which marks a record for the island. "Puerto Rico never in its history had experienced a period of more than two years 'recesionario'," stressed the President of the Board for planning Hector Morales, (Morales, 2010) recalling the lack of growth of the island economy between 1982 and 1983. This is the main reason I decide toget an MBA.
The number of unemployed at the end of the year 2010 professionals was a 14.7% at the end of December 2010 according to the figures released the Puerto Rico Department of labor. Thisleads to greater competition at the time to qualify for a job and gives employers an advantage to decide between a greater number of candidates ready and unemployed. The business community values moreand more academic profile of its employees. While most titles have a worker increases the possibilities of climbing positions within a company. This has motivated professionals to come ever closer tothe master. According to sources of Creative Financial Staffing (agency dedicated to the placement of jobs) this advantage for employers is that on several occasions they select candidates willing todo more tasks at work for a lower salary. Having an additional academic preparation along with the experience helps the unemployed person to have an additional to qualify for a new job active....
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