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User Manual Version 2.0

Totally Free PDF Creation because It's everbody's PDF™
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ALADDIN FREE PUBLIC LICENSE (VERSION 9, SEPTEMBER 18, 2000) – SECTION 0 REVISED FOR PRIMOPDF (FEBRUARY 9, 2004) Copyright (C) 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Aladdin Enterprises, Menlo Park, California, U.S.A. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2004, activePDF, Inc., MissionViejo, California, U.S.A., All Rights Reserved NOTE: This License is not the same as any of the GNU Licenses published by the Free Software Foundation. Its terms are substantially different from those of the GNU Licenses. If you are familiar with the GNU Licenses, please read this license with extra care. Aladdin Enterprises hereby grants to anyone the permission to apply this License to their ownwork, as long as the entire License (including the above notices and this paragraph) is copied with no changes, additions, or deletions except for changing the first paragraph of Section 0 to include a suitable description of the work to which the license is being applied and of the person or entity that holds the copyright in the work, and, if the License is being applied to a work created in acountry other than the United States, replacing the first paragraph of Section 6 with an appropriate reference to the laws of the appropriate country. This License is not an Open Source license: among other things, it places restrictions on distribution of the Program, specifically including sale of the Program. While Aladdin Enterprises respects and supports the philosophy of the Open SourceDefinition, and shares the desire of the GNU project to keep licensed software freely redistributable in both source and object form, we feel that Open Source licenses unfairly prevent developers of useful software from being compensated proportionately when others profit financially from their work. This License attempts to ensure that those who receive, redistribute, and contribute to the licensedProgram according to the Open Source and Free Software philosophies have the right to do so, while retaining for the developer(s) of the Program the power to make those who use the Program to enhance the value of commercial products pay for the privilege of doing so. 0 (a) Subject Matter This License applies to the computer program known as “PrimoPDF PDF Writer” (PrimoPDF) and is a "work based onthe Program" ( “AFPL Ghostscript” (see below) and "Redmon" (see below)). PrimoPDF is a copyrighted work whose copyright is held by activePDF, Inc., located at 27405 Puerta Real, Suite 100, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. “activePDF” is a registered trademark and “PrimoPDF” is a trademark of activePDF, Inc. The following paragraphs (0(b) and 0(c)) details the Subject Matter of the original license. Allterms and conditions of the original AFPL license apply to PrimoPDF. Any reference to rights and obligations regarding the original subject matter also apply to PrimoPDF. This indication means that just because the license says “AFPL Ghostscript” and "Redmon" does not mean you can treat PrimoPDF as a non-AFPL license product; it is covered by this license. For all intents and purposes of thislicense, The Program as defined below (with the exception of copyright and ownership references) also refers to PrimoPDF. 0 (b) Subject Matter This License applies to the computer program known as "AFPL Ghostscript." The "Program", below, refers to such program (as does Subject Matter 0(c)). The Program "AFPL Ghostscript" is a copyrighted work whose copyright is held by artofcode LLC, located in Benicia,California (the "Licensor"). Please note that AFPL Ghostscript is neither the program known as "GNU Ghostscript" nor the version of Ghostscript available for commercial licensing from Artifex Software Inc. 0 (c) Subject Matter This License applies to the computer program known as "Redmon" The "Program", below, refers to such program (as does Subject Matter 0(b)). The Program "Redmon" is a...
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