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  • Publicado : 12 de agosto de 2010
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The ghost that never let me sleep
The dream that never comes true
I can’t start this over again
How can I take the pain from me?
Wish I could protect me from pain.

A Whisper inthe air, tears in toxic clouds
Old and old, love after love and no one knows when everything’s done.
Pray for resignation; ask for absolution, just for getting a notion.

We can’t get it right forlong time, making further, trying to die fighting
To get nothing.
The trash starts caving in me, commiserating.
Say it once; say it twice we are just a piece of star.

Shining bright, drivingfast.

My head runs all over the place
Oh my god I can see it spins and spins
How to recognize it, Runs through your veins.

I send some different lights in life
Counting numbers backwards,my brain is going crazy and my bones about to fail.
Sometimes she takes a bow for me!!!!!
Thanking all I know
Show her I’m not the perfect one.
Erase!!! is the word don’t even exists
The carelesslove I believe so!!
I am glad!!! Dammit it’s just a technical wonderful world

What about sound of silence it’s so noise!!!
What the hell am I going to do?
My fingers pissed off keys
Eyespissed off tears, and heart pissed off fast beats
Right through constant thoughts, and writing without a trace
Piece of blood, through fear and a lack of a sensitive place.

I cannot place it, this islike a drink of water moistening lips and rain wetting heads
A low shoulder and killing the moon forever.
Like beautiful loneliness and a drunken drink.
And the sun goes down!!!! Everything has tobe right so what’s the sense in that?

A miserable bliss rests in peace!!
The escape to your meaningless
Darkness overwhelmed everything
And maybe a prayer saves the light
Crawling legs,Swarm hairs, and…
Brimming smile…
Well you cannot resist.

Spit it out, to the endless minds
Forgotten lies and crying eyes

Do me a Favour; tell me this balance is for real...
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