Global warming essay

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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2012
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Global Warming

I am going to write about this topic because the global warming is bigger problem that is happening at the moment. What is global warming it is the increase of temperaturein the atmosphere and oceans, where the passing of the years the temperatures have increased due to human activity and the theory also predicts that temperatures will continue to rise in the future.The climate always is changing. In the last century the pace of these changes has been accelerated in a strange way, to such an extent that is already affecting the planetary life, and thisphenomenon of global warming is that we concern to the world, its effect on climate change. Its consequences had affected the health, increasing deceases and also for the agriculture increasing rains andfloods.

The man is to blame for the problems related to climatic changes, that exist in different parts of our planet. We are responsible for improving the quality of life of people, so it isimportant to the preservation of nature in our daily routine, for example if every time we choose a focus of fluorescent light instead of an incandescent light and would diminish, helping our planet.As we also companies should work to improve the quality of life, they have the responsibility and which are responsible for reviewing pipes to prevent water loss, we must care for our environmentbecause global warming is in the future could leave us without water . On the other hand we have companies they are always polluting the atmosphere and if this follow happening in the future we can losethe water forever.

Clearly global warming is a topic that is talking today, and getting better is our responsibility because if it will increase in the next years, we will be completelyself-destructed and we will suffer the consequences. People who is destructing is that don´t care the environment, don´t inform about the what is happening today with our planet and is incapable of doing...
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