Global warming

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  • Publicado : 29 de octubre de 2010
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Today there are two positions that put the dispute to the world with global warming. Is global warming the earth sick? Global warming will destroyecosystems?
One of the positions is a group who call themselves skeptics who disagree with the existence of global warming showing the following applications:

1 - The global warming is astrategy to Avoid industrial progress in the country clubs in process of Development
2 - People say the Earth's Climate is Changing, But in reality the earth's climate is always Changing3 - In the history of land has-been countless periods, when It was warmer or colder, than today's, when to most of the world was covered by tropical forests or rough ice.
For example:Ice Age in the 14th century
and before the ice age, we found a golden age, when the temperature was higher than it is today. This was called the medieval warm period.
Called Periodand finally to the Holocene maximum, present Which High Temperature of all time.
4 - Industrial development and human activity is not a cause of global warming.
The earth is warmedindustrial development when was almost negligible.
During The Postwar Economic Boom the temperature must be fired, but this was not so, on the contrary, it fell by 4 decades.
The othergroup is environmental advocates which we now postulate that the earth is warming by a chemical process called the greenhouse effect and global warming is also caused by the (CO2) carbondioxide that is produced by the industrial enterprises and to inventions that have helped to facilitate the life of man as cars, sprays among others. This group wants to develop a projectfrom the legal aspect for industries to be coupled to the regulation and pay a small tax that is proposed.

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