Global warming

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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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Nowadays global warming is a threatening problem to the world at large with depleting ozone layers poisoning the clouds and depleting our oxygen supply.Global warming is also causing many problems worldwide, one of them is the greenhouse effect this is one of the biggest problemscaused by this warming is certain gases, which are components of the planetaryatmosphere, part of the energy retained the soil issues. Many of these problems we are causing us humans because we pollute the rivers dump garbage anywhere and also pollute the air withmany types of gases. Some of the causes of global warming are depleting ozone layers, clouds poisoning, oxygen supply depleting these causes are making big problems for humanity.Global warming can also have some effects such as depletion of polar ice caps, this can cause the water reaches the oceans cover many areas such as Puntarenas near another effectcan also be acid rain which can cause devastating problems in the planet and the last effect is the accumulation of carbon dioxide can cause breathing problems. something that man does notknow is that we still have time to reverse the global warming problem, making collections of non-biodegradable materials like plastic and other materials of thistype can also be campaigning in support of the environment as: also plant trees or other plants that reduce the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the air and to reduce the hole in the ozone layer, but if man does notfollow this kind of advice is possible that the problem is more serious, this can make the planet dies with us and so reach the end of the human race and our planet. The global warming is ahuge problem because begin to destroy itself by humans because they’re destroying forest, contaminating rivers, poisoning the air and hunt animal to extinction
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